Nang Sao Jumlaeng Ruk (2011)

Bro Pun Knhom Chea Kro Mom Prey Phnum

Naputh Susri
10 episodes · Movie Ongoing Bro Pun Knhom Chea Kro Mom Prey Phnum

Kimhan is a big time celebrity who goes to film a movie in the jungles of Thailand. He got into an accident and is saved by Ako as she uses her body to keep him warm. At this point he becomes lost in the jungle with Ako. When Ako’s father, the chief of the jungle village, discovers them, he misunderstands that they did something together so he forces them into marriage. For a short while, Kimhan stays in the jungle village as Ako’s husband until he is able to make contact with the outside world. In order to leave, he lies to Ako that he will leave and come back for her once he is settled in Bangkok. Really he is fleeing her. Kimhan doesn’t make contact for a long time and Ako is worried, so she decides to go search for him with her posse of jungle friends. They find Kimhan at a press conference for his new movie and she shouts out that she is his wife. In order to save Kimhan from humiliation, Kimhan’s manager lies that Ako is Kimhan’s foreign servant girl and not his wife.
With Ako being in Bangkok, Kimhan is worried about his celebrity status and his relationship with his girlfriend. Kimhan wants to end his relationship with Ako cleanly because he fears she will tell the media about their marriage. Kimhan tries various method to get rid of Ako, but she always manages to forgive him. Gradually, Kimhan begins to fall for Ako, his