Encounters Of The Spooky Kind

Ah Mab Braleng Nung Khmaoch (1980)

Sammo Hung
1 episodes · Movie Completed Ah Mab Braleng Nung Khmaoch (1980)

Villager Bold Cheung, known for his willingness to do anything courageous, bold or daring, becomes a target by the evil rich Master Tam, who committed adultery with Cheung’s unfaithful wife and wants to keep her as his mistress. Cheung is tricked into a bet to spend the night in a haunted temple, where a vampire was unleashed by Priest Chin Hoi, hired by Tam, to kill him. However, Hoi’s more righteous colleague, Priest Tsui, wants to save Cheung and counterattack Hoi and Tam’s wicked deeds.