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Ah Kae Khmaoch Chaw (2015)

Stephan Yip
1 episodes · Movie Completed Ah Kae Khmaoch Chaw (2015)

Music Writer Li Min was on a road trip in Malaysia. He came across an old mansion and decided to stay to write his unfinished song. Lim Min became acquainted to the writer Cow who was living in the mansion. By chance he rescued Tai and Dai, a couple who loved photography. The four had a lot of strange and humorous encounters in the mansion, and had even attracted the attention of the landlord as well as the mysterious Lung Poh and Xiao Die. Xiao Die was murdered 30 years ago. They were touched by her story and decided to help her solve the murder. They asked the help from private investigator Chi Yuen but he refused. So they decided to investigate for new clues themselves and surprisingly found