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Khmao Chchaw Dam Baw Chet (1985)

Mr. Vampire 2
1 episodes · Movie Completed Khmao Chchaw Dam Baw Chet (1985)

Master Kau is a Taoist priest who performs magic that maintains control over spirits and irrepressible vampires. Together with his inept students, Man Choi and Chau-Sang, he resides in a large house protected from the spiritual world with talismans and amulets. One day, he accepts an assignment from a wealthy businessman, Yam, to remove Yam’s deceased father’s grave and rebury it, with the hopes that doing so will being more prosperity to the Yam family. Unfortunately, upon opening the coffin, Kau notices the body is still intact, even though it’s been years since he died. Realizing that it is a vampire, Kau orders it to be moved to his house for further study and to be subject to spells that will prevent it from awakening. Kau deduces that Yam’s father had died angry, and his last breath became stuck in his body for years, causing it to keep him “alive” and reducing it to a mindless state

Krou Maw Bah Trakaul Khmaoch Chaw 1986

Ricky Lau
1 episodes · Movie Completed Krou Maw Bah Trakaul Khmaoch Chaw 1986

Archaeologist Kwok Tun Wong brings his two students with him in search of ancient artefacts. They stumble upon a cave and discover three “geung sis” (Chinese “hopping” vampires) — an adult male, an adult female, and a child male. The vampires are immobilized because they have Chinese talismans with spells written on them stuck to their foreheads. Kwok brings them back to his lab and decides to sell the boy vampire in the black market. While transporting the boy vampire, Kwok accidentally strips the talisman off its forehead and breaks the charm. The creature awakens and escapes. It enters a house by chance and befriends a little girl, who mistakes the young vampire for an illegal immigrant boy. Meanwhile, back in the lab, one of Kwok’s students mischievously removes the talismans from the adult vampires and revives them. The vampires start to “hop” around and attack people. It took the three men much trouble to put them back to rest temporarily. One of Kwok’s students was bitten by the male vampire while fighting it so he goes to see Dr Lam for treatment. Lam recognizes the bite marks and concludes that there are vampires running loose in town. Together with his daughter Gigi and his prospective son-in-law Yen, Lam embarks on a quest to destroy the vampires.